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C Swiss – Hemp Tea – Review

C Swiss has a Hemp Tea that I had awhile back when the ‘Hemp Trend’ was kinda just starting. The other day however I was walking through our local big box grocery and I found this in the natural foods section once again. Taste – 🍁🍁/5 This tastes a little bit better than expected. Though [Continue]

What do Terpenes help?

Cannabis as ‘hemp’ or ‘Marijuana’ terpenes have been shown to help with illnesses as well. If you’re got a CBD tincture your taking were sure recommend the quality that has included terpenes! Terpenes are molecules partially responsible for the aroma and taste of cannabis. They are naturally present in a number of fruits, spices, herbs [Continue]

Cannabis Has Been Used Medicinally For Thousands Of Years – CannaTech News

They always try to stigmatize people into thinking cannabis use is a new process. A new medicine that is unknown to us, and can’t be trusted. To those who think so, please explain the mandates to grow it, times of resort for healing. A place for sustainability… CannaTech News Lists those times:

The Democrat Senator from NJ brings forth a bill for legislation.

Wow, from the place of the NJ Weedman and Chris Christie; the democratic Senator tries for Cannabis. Sadly I’m sure it will get ignored in our Republican State. It’s sad, but much more in reform. Let’s keep these ideas going. Story from The Hill: