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Cannabis could cure dementia, says joint Israeli-German study

More growth in the Cannabis faithful!

I am glad to see more Christians are understanding that God is the creator of cannabis! He made it a tool for our use! Were going to keep pushing the truth! Cannabis is a gift that relieves us of many sin issues! (Food, Medicine, Shelter) Share my Mission page with those you know and lets keep spreading the word. If your christian and confused or just want to know more feel free to hit me up. We can discuss it! Even if not, and you partake, I’ll be glad to show you what the Truth in the Almighty Living God is! Take back your life!

Worlds first Fresh hemp fiber decorticator

Wow, this is great! If you watched yesterday’s video or seen how cannabis fiber is processed it’s hard work! There’s alot of work to it. You have to dry it out even then beat the fiber out. Now we have a machine where there is no wait and you can do it fresh! Check it out!

Could marijuana hold a key to keeping our brains forever young? Science is starting to find out.

Could marijuana hold a key to keeping our brains forever young? Science is starting to find out.

Cannabis has also been seen prior to help symptoms of alzheimer’s as well as regulate your body functions. They also ask about safty with kids… Its possible that altering the mind growing could have some impacts, however our bodies natural Endo-Cannaboids are in our mothers milk!

How Israel and the U.S. Compare on Marijuana Research

Israel was the one who discovered THC and how it reacts with your body. They have been only using it for the last 6,000 years as they Scythans were first to use it and trade with Isreal.  It was the great fragrant cane in which King Solomon traded with the Queen of Sheba. 

Follow the link below fore more info.

Finding hemp rope… – Why we need to HempMyLife! 

You’d think that it would be simple find some old world hemp rope around. 

Looking for the old wold Seaman/Navy rope we find documents how it was one for the 4 best ropes (Google Books). No kidding. This is what I was looking for. Have for awhile

I sometimes think my searching is just terrible. As I did find Hemp basics has some 1″ Hemp rope.
They also have some other pretty nifty hemp supplies. As I think I’ve also found the webbing I need to fix my lawn chair.