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Happy 2017 Legal Cannabis! 

Cannabis is legal religiously,  but New Years Cannabis is Legal is California.  The biggest joke of year so far is the renaming of Hollywood!  (I give photo credit to Tommy Chong! He kept reposting shots!) 

Merry Christmas 

( – From  Gloucestershire police)  Gloucestershire police in England found a Cannabis Tree decorated out for the season!  Sadly they busted it though. Cannabis can’t harm anyone.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

How hemp is slowly becoming the new tobacco for Kentucky farmers

“Hemp” still considered ‘cousin’ of “Majihuana” even though both are Cannabis Sativa L.. Its becoming the new “tobacco”.  At least The Cannabist points out that Kentucky was normally growing this back in the 1700’s even.  It was #1 cash crop! Still is!  — How hemp is slowly becoming the new tobacco for Kentucky farmers

Cannabis and Parasites, “another possible benefit” – As its been used for thousands of years! 

Wow, the reaction of Cannabis vs Parasites is rediscovered!  What our great grandparents knew as medicine comes as ‘another possible Clinical Benefit’, per ‘The Motley Fool’. I wasn’t shocked to see it as I browsed the article.  As Cannabis has been known to stop bacteria, micro-organisms, and parasites already! Its been used for that.  Still [Continue]

Article: The Ultimate Stoner Treats—then and now

I ran into this article, I really love it has the Indian Bhang recipe on it. This is an ancient recipe they have used for a long time in their religious ceremonies. As well as homemade from scratch brownies! Can’t beat that! Check it out! The Ultimate Stoner Treats—then and now