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They always try to stigmatize people into thinking cannabis use is a new process. A new medicine that is unknown to us, and can’t be trusted.

To those who think so, please explain the mandates to grow it, times of resort for healing. A place for sustainability…

CannaTech News Lists those times:

Review – Rocky Mountain High [Mango]  (Snagged in the Wild) 

I like finding new Hemp foods and drinks and trying them. I’ll be posting some of these as I find them in the Wild.

Most recently I found this Rocky Mountain High Energy drink show up in the local gas station. We had an original variety, and Mango. I thought I might pick up the original but a little motivation from my wife and rememberering how I love Much Mango I grabbed the Mango to try first.

This was the wrong thing to do if I expected Mango….

First off however, I read the ingredients and was very pleased to see a complete lack of garbage in the drink. It wasn’t chocked full of acid and HFCS!

I saved it for the next morning actually to see how well the caffeine would punch in. At first taste it didn’t hit me to hard, but tasted a bit of Mango and the Ginger/Guana taste from others like Bawls. Actually it was pretty similar to Bawl, a sharp herbal taste with a hint of Mango. The Mango was only light against the spike of the herbal mix.

When I felt awake afterwards it was a nice smooth awake. Much cleaner than my normal Monster buzz.

I don’t think I could make it my go to drink however.  It was $2.59 or so here and not that tasty for the price. I’d definitely take it over some others at that same price when their is no sale and limited flavors.


Taste – 3 – overwhelming a bit, needs to be gotten used to
Smothness – 4.5 nice and smooth flow
Energy – 4.5 smooth and nice!
Cost – 3 it’s there but not outrageous
Overall – 4

Cannabis could cure dementia, says joint Israeli-German study

More growth in the Cannabis faithful!

I am glad to see more Christians are understanding that God is the creator of cannabis! He made it a tool for our use! Were going to keep pushing the truth! Cannabis is a gift that relieves us of many sin issues! (Food, Medicine, Shelter) Share my Mission page with those you know and lets keep spreading the word. If your christian and confused or just want to know more feel free to hit me up. We can discuss it! Even if not, and you partake, I’ll be glad to show you what the Truth in the Almighty Living God is! Take back your life!

Could marijuana hold a key to keeping our brains forever young? Science is starting to find out.

Could marijuana hold a key to keeping our brains forever young? Science is starting to find out.

Cannabis has also been seen prior to help symptoms of alzheimer’s as well as regulate your body functions. They also ask about safty with kids… Its possible that altering the mind growing could have some impacts, however our bodies natural Endo-Cannaboids are in our mothers milk!