Started as a challenge to myself and you!

Cannabis Sativa is an Amazing Plant! Its more widely known as “”Hemp”” or even the dreaded “”Marijuana””!

There is so much misinformation brought by the ‘wars of information’ and economy.

I want to show you the truth, as a Minister of Christ I love the Truth.

I sincerely believe God provided us Cannabis to assist us in our comforting the effects of sin on us, as well as providing sustainability.  I want to show you the way Cannabis can solve many of our issues religious or otherwise. Cannabis can provide!

See the Sources… Profit from Cannabis…. Be sustainable….


Hemp my life, Hemp yours. I want you to know about the best Cannabis sources, the newest Cannabis news, Cannabis health articles, Cannabis faiths, and Providers.

AMERICA BANS most CANNABIS! “”Hemp”” is what we import. It’s slowly coming into everyones knowledge. The health effects of the Cannaboids it contains, and the cannaboids that your body uses.

With all of this I want to be able to be Self Sustainable from hemp.  I am looking for sources to add the super-food to my diet and improve my family’s health.  I want you to see the effects of this and improve your family’s health.  Cannabis as “”Hemp”” can also fuel my car, build my shelter, and keep me fed. It’s about time we work together to get hemp from these sources and spread the knowledge of Cannabis!

See the Sources…

We need to find sources for hemp and know their effects.  I’ll review your hemp products producers, and help others who want to try products to find you.  I am planning on bringing TheHempNetwok Goods as well but we need as many Hemp sources as possible.  So if you know sources tell us, if you have hemp product tell us how we can get it.  I’ll tell everyone what it’s like! Together we’ll Hemp our Lives!!

Profit from Cannabis…

See who you can help sell Hemp products, and use them to help your body’s health increase.  Show how my health can level up and be enriched and bring profit of a great super food!

Be sustainable…

Hemp has everything you need to be Green, Eco friendly or Future minded.  It shelters and sustains.

What I want to do with this challenge?

I would like to get a collection of all the Cannabis/Hemp resources possible to show everyone that Cannabis can live to a sustainable life style.

There for:

  • I need Hemp Suppliers, so I can test your products and show the world. – We’ll link to you, help you affiliate, and show how well your product works and where clients can get it. (Actually we won’t be biased, but hard to make a hemp product terrible)
  • I want life “”HEMPED OUT”” – My GOAL is to have 100% Cannabis lifestyle.  I want a hemp house, hemp car, hemp to eat, and when the feds lay off Hemp fields around that house.  So I can show you how Hemp makes life sustainable and something that can make our communities amazing.

So contact me, let me know your supplies. Send me samples, and we’ll promote it.  Tell people how it works, how it makes me feel.  For best opinion on this we’ll have multiple view points (that way you don’t think its just me as well).

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