Month: April 2019

Another study that raw cannabis is AMAZING!

Another study comes about that shows raw cannabis, that contains THC-A rather than THC has some superior qualities. THC-A has neuroprotective aspects shown in many of the studies. The raw cannabis contains THC-A and whole set of unbroken (heat breaks some down, not just THC-A) cannabis to be absorbed though your system, as well as [Continue]

Israel Decriminalizes Cannabis

Last week Israel had a Cannabis technology conference called CannaTech. The former Prime Minister Ehud Barak attended, he highly vouched for it and called Israel “the land of milk, honey… and cannabis’

Consuming Cannabis in another way…

There is some interesting ways to consume Cannabis now days. Flower; vaped or burned, extracts, tinctures, eye drops, skin salves, lozenges, soda, brownies, suppositories, you name it. How about you ever see the Pechoti intake method? Check it our on – CannaLance