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HempVana 100% Hemp Oil Review

I did a video review for HempVana’s 100% Hemp Oil. Its posted to my channel on YouTube.

I’ll provide some data here.

I’d give it an 8/10 score. Its much better “Hemp” than other HempVana products, as some where 6% and they claimed that would do something.

It did appear though the bottle had leaked a bit when I took off the cap from the dried oil. To me this was concerning on quality but it didn’t taste rancid or bad. However it does seem to have an lingering aftertaste I don’t remember from others. It did seem like instant energy feeling once consumed like the other I’ve tried. I’d recommend it if you need some super-food in your diet and could use EFAs or Cannabis products to help you.

Review – Rocky Mountain High [Mango]  (Snagged in the Wild) 

I like finding new Hemp foods and drinks and trying them. I’ll be posting some of these as I find them in the Wild.

Most recently I found this Rocky Mountain High Energy drink show up in the local gas station. We had an original variety, and Mango. I thought I might pick up the original but a little motivation from my wife and rememberering how I love Much Mango I grabbed the Mango to try first.

This was the wrong thing to do if I expected Mango….

First off however, I read the ingredients and was very pleased to see a complete lack of garbage in the drink. It wasn’t chocked full of acid and HFCS!

I saved it for the next morning actually to see how well the caffeine would punch in. At first taste it didn’t hit me to hard, but tasted a bit of Mango and the Ginger/Guana taste from others like Bawls. Actually it was pretty similar to Bawl, a sharp herbal taste with a hint of Mango. The Mango was only light against the spike of the herbal mix.

When I felt awake afterwards it was a nice smooth awake. Much cleaner than my normal Monster buzz.

I don’t think I could make it my go to drink however.  It was $2.59 or so here and not that tasty for the price. I’d definitely take it over some others at that same price when their is no sale and limited flavors.


Taste – 3 – overwhelming a bit, needs to be gotten used to
Smothness – 4.5 nice and smooth flow
Energy – 4.5 smooth and nice!
Cost – 3 it’s there but not outrageous
Overall – 4