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UK Labor MP – cites “Delta-9” trials urging governments to legalize cannabis

Today I found ‘Relaxation reinvented’ sharing a video of the a UK Labor MP sharing how cannabis is great as medicine and it’s criminal to block this from sick people. He cites trials they did called the “Delta-9” trials that used cannabis on oncology (cancer patients). This has been a well known medicine for 6000+ [Continue]

C Swiss – Hemp Tea – Review

C Swiss has a Hemp Tea that I had awhile back when the ‘Hemp Trend’ was kinda just starting. The other day however I was walking through our local big box grocery and I found this in the natural foods section once again. Taste – 🍁🍁/5 This tastes a little bit better than expected. Though [Continue]

What do Terpenes help?

Cannabis as ‘hemp’ or ‘Marijuana’ terpenes have been shown to help with illnesses as well. If you’re got a CBD tincture your taking were sure recommend the quality that has included terpenes! Terpenes are molecules partially responsible for the aroma and taste of cannabis. They are naturally present in a number of fruits, spices, herbs [Continue]