Review – Rocky Mountain High [Mango]  (Snagged in the Wild) 

I like finding new Hemp foods and drinks and trying them. I’ll be posting some of these as I find them in the Wild.

Most recently I found this Rocky Mountain High Energy drink show up in the local gas station. We had an original variety, and Mango. I thought I might pick up the original but a little motivation from my wife and rememberering how I love Much Mango I grabbed the Mango to try first.

This was the wrong thing to do if I expected Mango….

First off however, I read the ingredients and was very pleased to see a complete lack of garbage in the drink. It wasn’t chocked full of acid and HFCS!

I saved it for the next morning actually to see how well the caffeine would punch in. At first taste it didn’t hit me to hard, but tasted a bit of Mango and the Ginger/Guana taste from others like Bawls. Actually it was pretty similar to Bawl, a sharp herbal taste with a hint of Mango. The Mango was only light against the spike of the herbal mix.

When I felt awake afterwards it was a nice smooth awake. Much cleaner than my normal Monster buzz.

I don’t think I could make it my go to drink however.  It was $2.59 or so here and not that tasty for the price. I’d definitely take it over some others at that same price when their is no sale and limited flavors.


Taste – 3 – overwhelming a bit, needs to be gotten used to
Smothness – 4.5 nice and smooth flow
Energy – 4.5 smooth and nice!
Cost – 3 it’s there but not outrageous
Overall – 4

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